Equine and Farm Required Documents

Equine and Farm Required Documents

Required Documents for Accreditation/Verification- Equine and Farm

Please NOTE: We recognize that not all facilities have the listed items as separate documents, but that rather they are included in other manuals or folders, in hard or electronic copy. We also understand that some categories of documents may differ by country, and we will work with you if you need assistance in drafting a document. If you have questions about what is needed, please look to the templates and samples that we have made available or if you need more samples, please send an email to . We are here to support you and help you through the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

Needed for Verification Needed for Accreditation Samples/Templates
Facilities and Staffing
●  Labeled map of layout of each facility location (can be hand drawn or Google/MapQuest/Zillow (download sample)
●  Organizational chart  
●  Training and supervision protocols for employees, volunteers and interns (do not need to submit separately if submitted as part of other manuals/SOPs)  
Governing Authority    
●  Proof of non-profit, non-commercial, or equivalent status

● Proof of US State Charity Registrations as required by state law (and to solicit contributions in that state)

● Proof of land ownership or copy of leasing or other agreement for each facility location
●  Lease Contingency plan for each location, if property is not owned by sanctuary or governing organization (download sample)
●  Job descriptions for key personnel (sanctuary manager and/or executive director)   (download sample)
●  List of Board of Directors/Trustees
●  One set of Board Minutes  
●  Copy of current licenses and permits required by law
●  Bylaws (or equivalent document) and amendments   (download sample)
●  Succession plan   (download sample)
●  Strategic plan (3 year) including financial plan   (download sample with financials)
(download simple sample)
(download financial plan sample)
●  Governance Policies:    
o   Grievance policy   (download sample)
o   Whistleblower policy   (download sample)
o   Code of Conduct/Ethics   (download sample)
o   Anti-discrimination policy   (download sample)
o   Conflict of interest policy   (download template)
Financial and Risk Management      
●  Most recent tax document filed to maintain non-profit status, if applicable (example: IRS Form 990 in the U.S.)  
●  Current fiscal year annual operating budget (download template) 
●  Proof of separate organization or facility bank account (such as voided check or bank statement)  
●  Proof of General/Public Liability Insurance Coverage (unless not available in country)  
●  Proof of Management Liability/ Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage (unless not available in country)    
●  Proof of designated funds for emergencies (at least 3 months for Accreditation, at least one month for Verification) available to cover operating costs.  
●  Most recent Statement of Revenue and Expenses    
●  Disaster preparedness/emergency plan  (download sample)
(download disaster planning questionnaire)
●  Escaped animal plan  (download sample)
●  Firearm policies, unless N/A  
●  Human first aid plan Sample first aid plan
●  Written Standard Operating Procedures or manual regarding animal care (download sample)
Animal Care    
●  Preventative medicine program, including zoonotic disease policy



o Preventative Medicine Program Sample – Basic Equine Yearly Example

o Preventative Medicine Program Sample – Bovine Yearly

o Preventative Medicine Program Sample – Equine Yearly

o Sample zoonotic disease policy 1


Education/Public Access/Advocacy    
●  Education and outreach policy unless N/A   (download sample)
●  Adoption policies/requirements/contracts unless N/A (download template)
●  Foster policies/requirements/contracts unless N/A
●  Acquisition policy and Disposition policy including Euthanasia policy  
Human Resources    
●  Employee manual, if applicable   (download template)
●  Volunteer/Intern manual, if applicable    
For U.S. Based Equine Groups
If organization participated in most recent Equine Welfare Data Collective survey, please confirm  


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