Our mission is to improve the quality of care to animals in need of sanctuary. Our primary tool for achieving this mission is offering the only animal sanctuary accreditation program serving animals worldwide.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Not all sanctuaries are created equal. Animal care is a poorly regulated industry, and thousands of organizations worldwide which describe themselves as “sanctuaries” or “rescues” do not provide quality or humane care for their animals.

For all people invested in the welfare of captive animals, including donors, grantmakers, supporters and legislators, there is a shared desire to differentiate true sanctuaries. Through our evaluation process, GFAS can ensure that those designated as GFAS-Verified or Accredited uphold the highest standards for the animals in their care.

Any organization that meets our eligibility criteria may apply to receive GFAS Accreditation or Verification. GFAS is proud to provide assistance to Accredited and Verified sanctuaries, including standards of operations, educational resources, mentorship, and support in times of difficulty.

Find out more about the benefits of accreditation here.

Are you a true sanctuary?

GFAS Accreditation/Verification is available for any facility that provides a safe haven for animals in need for any amount of time and follows the principles of a true sanctuary. This includes facilities traditionally describing themselves as sanctuaries, rescue centers, and rehabilitation centers around the globe. Find out more about who can apply here. Or start the accreditation process:

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