Get Involved

The sanctuary community is always in need of additional support! Volunteering and donating are the most popular ways to support the sanctuary of your choice, but there are many other ways to lend a helping hand.



GFAS has made it easier than ever to donate to a true sanctuary. Search our database of accredited facilities for your favorite animal or region. On each sanctuary's profile page you will find a DONATE button to make a donation via GFAS' new Sanctuary Giving Donation Jar. Now you can make a donation to one, two or ten sanctuaries all at once! GFAS will then distribute your generous donations (minus payment handling fees) directly to the sanctuary.



Sanctuaries need volunteers, too! Do you have a way with words? Are you a great photographer? Do you have a knack for stuffing envelopes? Offer the sanctuary help in your area of expertise, whether it be accounting, web development, or event planning! Find a sanctuary with a volunteer program that hits your fancy in our searchable database.

Apply now for volunteer positions listed on our job and volunteer listing page


Spread the Word

Let's work together to spread the word about true sanctuaries! Join GFAS on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all things sanctuaries.


Enter the Work Force

What is better than helping animals for a living? If this career path is of interest to you, take a look at some current positions available at accredited sanctuaries.


Report a Problem

If you are concerned that a GFAS Accredited Sanctuary is in violation of the GFAS Standards, please report these concerns to us via our formal complaint form, located here. You can view our Complaint Procedure Policy here.

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