Job & Volunteer Listings

Job & Volunteer Listings

GFAS does not guarantee it will be able to post all job offerings submitted, nor does a posting imply any endorsement of the sanctuary by GFAS. Submit job posting requests to .


Dorset Equine Rescue, East Dorset, Vermont
Barn Manager, posted 3/3/23

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Animal Care Internship, posted 3/1/23

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, Cameroon, Africa
Volunteer, posted 2/10/23

Peace Ridge Sanctuary, Brooks, Maine
Farmed Animal Caregiver, posted 12/12/22
Barn Cleaner, posted 12/12/22

Animals Asia, China
Bear & Vet Team Director, posted 12/7/22

Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge Liberia
Senior Manager, Animal Care, posted 2/24/23

Farm Sanctuary
Assistant Caregiver, Wellness- Watkins Glen, NY, posted 11/21/22
Assistant Caregiver, Wellness- Acton, CA, posted 11/21/22
Assistant Caregiver, Environment – Watkins Glen, NY, posted 10/5/22

Center for Great Apes, Wauchula, Florida
Orangutan & Chimpanzee Caregivers, posted 11/22/22

Primarily Primates, San Antonio, Texas
Animal Caretaker, posted 11/9/22

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, San Antonio, Texas
Veterinary Technician Apprenticeship, Kendalia, Texas, posted 10/26/22
Animal Care Internships, posted 10/26/22

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, Murchison, Texas
Animal Caregiver I – Farm Animals, posted 2/8/23
Senior Animal Care Giver, Farm Animals, posted 2/8/23
Paid Intern – Animal Caregiver, Summer, posted 2/8/23
Director, Animal Care, Black Beauty Ranch
Senior Veterinary Technician, Black Beauty Ranch
Primate Caregiver II, Black Beauty Ranch
Equine Caregiver I, Black Beauty Ranch
Senior Director, Black Beauty Ranch

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge, Pittsboro, North Carolina
Animal Caregiver, posted 8/23/22

Duchess Sanctuary, Oakland, Oregon
Animal Caregiver II, posted 2/1/23

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue, Wylie, TX
Intern, posted 2/8/23

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion, Indiana
Exotic Animal Lead Keeper, posted 6/20/22

The Wildcat Sanctuary, Sandstone Minnesota
Communications Intern, posted 6/10/22

Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS),
San Andreas, California

Elephant Caregiver
Click here for details and how to apply

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, Northern Nevada

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