November 2023 Farm Advocacy & Awareness Toolkit

November 2023

Grants & Capacity Building Resources

*Reminder: we are always happy to provide letters of support/recommendation for grant applications to help you leverage your GFAS Certification!

  • Best Online Photography Courses for Animal Photojournalists We Animals Media recently put together a selection of recommended photography and videography courses for anyone keen to hone their photography and storytelling skills for animals.
  • 5 Social Media Strategies for Giving Tuesday
  • Vegan Advocacy Grant for NON-US nonprofits - deadline December 1
  • Culture and Animals Foundation: Annual grants to scholars and artists using their intellect, creativity, and compassion to build a deeper understanding of human–animal relationships and a greater respect for animal rights. Focus areas are research, creativity, and performance. 
  • Paws for Love: For rescues in the Western United States, this grant assists with expenses directly related to one sheltered animal. The focus is on organizations with small operating budgets. Check the Funding Guidelines before applying. 
  • ICYMI: New Webinars available:
    • Donation Driven Websites (this one is AMAZING and super practical) (Dave Graham, Sanctuary Websites) *GFAS groups can receive website consulting services from Sanctuary Websites at a discount for more personalized recommendations
    • Intro to Animal Centered Design (Lenore Braford and Paul Drake of Accredited Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge)
    • How Do Sanctuaries Create Change? (Original research GFAS, guest speakers Farmaste & GRACE)

Sanctuary & Farmed Animal News

  • Smell of Money - New documentary on the social & environmental impacts of animal farming - spread the word! Screenings are going on throughout N. America during Nov and Dec. FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE for grassroots activists and students: contact Jamie.
  • Why Can't We Just Quit Cows? Important article citing new research that social norms are incredibly effective at driving behavior change on environmental (and presumably AR) issues - far outpacing other drivers such as financial incentives and public appeals. A HUGE advantage for sanctuaries to have impact!
  • Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises introduce vegan menus on all ships*
  • The Open Rescue Movement for Farm Animals , Explained


  • AVA Summit Washington, DC US Speaker Submissions and Registration open November 23/December 1! Phenomenal opportunity to network and spread the word about sanctuary work.


  • Vegan Holiday Cookbooks (including Vegan "Charcuterie" Boards!) -feature these on your social media (feel free to save these photos for your use!)  

  • Consider your audience! Refine your social media outreach for maximum impact by considering current platform demographics.
    • If you're using a social media management platform like Meta Business Suite, you can access statistics on who comprises your audience under "Insights" and "Audience" - it will show you a breakdown like this. You can match this information to the prominent demographics on each platform to inform which are the best fit for your content.

    • Consider collaboration posts on IG as a new way of growing your audience. Add other true sanctuaries as collaborators to boost engagement. We at GFAS are also happy to do collaborative posts like this one

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