October 2023 Farm Advocacy & Awareness Toolkit

October 2023

Holiday Social Media Campaign

Introducing the VEGAN FOR ____ Campaign!

As we approach the end of year, we are thinking of all those animals who unnecessarily lose their lives for holiday celebrations, as well as those lucky enough to have escaped that fate in sanctuary. GFAS would like to amplify the stories of residents who were rescued from becoming holiday meals or who happened to be rescued during October/November/December. 

Kicking off on World Vegan Day (November 1), we will showcase the story of your resident along with photo or video content you submit as part of this campaign. Your sanctuary will be tagged and photo credit given. Captions will start off with TRY VEGAN FOR and your resident's name, then will tell their story and how folks can save animals just like them by trying veganism instead of supporting that industry. If you have staff, volunteers, or visitors who went vegan after meeting a particular resident, a short video of them telling that story would be super impactful.

Submissions (including resident story + photo or video) should be sent to Jess at , preferably before November 1.

Sanctuary & Farmed Animal News

  • African Swine Fever results in mandated euthanasia of 9 healthy sanctuary pigs in Italy, activists rally. For some resources on biosecurity for your residents, visit Protect Our Pigs. (Agricultural Industry Source 🙁)
  • Avian Influenza hits S. Africa, resulting in the culling of 7.5M birds
  • Save the Date - AVA Summit 2024 Announced May 16-19 in Washington, DC. We'd love to see you there!
  • The EATS Act opposed in Forbes

Action Alerts/Opportunities

  • Speak Up for Animals - A new, FREE, public speaking course from Anima International to help make you a better speaker for the animals (anxiety management, interview prep, audience engagement, etc)
  • Powerful Fundraising Tip: Using quotes to tell your nonprofit's story
  • Volunteer time is now valuated at $31.80/hr. Here are 6 strategies to prevent burnout and retain volunteers (Tip: If you are tracking volunteer hours at your organization, that dollar valuation may help you quantify your volunteer's contribution for grants and donors or in your annual impact reports)
  • New docuseries on Netflix can help you promote plant-based diets
  • Motivate diet change with tangible impact - try The Vegan Calculator for your tours and socials (note: sources for this calculator are unclear and may be outdated, but provide a general idea of diet impact)
  • Something fun and delicious for reading to the end! 🌮

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