June 2023 Farm Advocacy & Awareness Toolkit

June 2023

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Awareness: Animal Ag & Sanctuaries

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There is nothing humane about farming animals for food. Whether it’s a factory farm or “family” farm, the violence inflicted on animals is unconscionable.

The lucky few who escape or can be rescued need sanctuary. But because they are trapped by the billions in this system, sanctuaries cannot rescue them all. So what can you do?

Any step toward reducing or eliminating animals and their byproducts from your diet spares lives. When demand for animals dwindles, so will the number exploited and killed.

Get started here: https://veganuary.com/en-us/try-vegan/

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Awareness: Wool Industry

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Meet Curly

Curly love his scratches as he waits for his next haircut.

Curly is like many sheep bred for wool. Humans have intentionally bred sheep to grow more wool than is natural to make a bigger profit on their fiber. But these genetic modifications mean sheep cannot appropriately regulate their body temperature and need to be sheared every year.

Wool is far from harmless. Beyond mutilations and injuries caused by the industry shearing with brutal efficiency, when animals outlive their use for fiber, they're slaughtered for meat.

If you love Curly and his antics as much as we do, opt for plant-based or synthetic fibers in your clothes and plant foods instead of lamb at your meals.

PC: Accredited Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary

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