August 2023 Farm Advocacy & Awareness Toolkit

August 2023

Action Items

Urgent: Help defeat the EATS Act in Congress
Representative Blumenauer (D-OR) has a sign-on letter circulating in the House of Representatives for members to sign opposing the EATS Act. The EATS Act will wipe out state animal cruelty, environmental protection, and food safety laws among others. It would be tremendously helpful if you’re able to reach out to your Representative and ask him/her to sign on. Each member has a webpage where you can send an email—it’s super easy. Here’s where you can find your Representative: (it also points you to their website)

Sample email text:

Dear Rep [NAME],

I’m writing to respectfully ask that you sign on to the Rep Blumenauer letter called “Oppose the EATS Act in the Farm Bill.” The EATS Act (HR 4417) will wipe out state animal cruelty, environmental protection, and food safety laws among others. Here’s Harvard Law’s analysis how it would erase more than a thousand such laws, including in our state:

  • Vegan Advocacy Grants ($1K-$50K USD) for nonprofits OUTSIDE the US - Deadline Sept.1
  • Sign up with Connect for Animals, a platform which maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date list of virtual events, conferences, and local in-person events related to ending factory farming—across the full United States. You can sign up for an account and subscribe to the "Twice Monthly Events Submission Reminders", to get pinged twice a month to submit your org's events to Connect For Animals and increase your event visibility & attendance.

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  • 5 Quick Tips for the Threads platform for Nonprofits

  • Sanctuary Takeovers: GFAS sanctuaries have been invited to take over Animal Save Movement's social media (just shy of 1M followers FB/IG) to boost your visibility and support. You can sign up at the bottom of the linked page.


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