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Perspectives on Captive Exotic Bird Placement

Get two unique viewpoints from Lorelei Tibbetts and Karen Windsor on what it takes to find qualified homes for exotic birds. Gain insight into the considerations and approaches for making exotic bird placement successful.


Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter Environment – Part 2

This webinar, presented by Lorelei Tibbetts, expands on Part 1 with a more in-depth discussion about nutrition, environmental safety, cleanliness and sanitation, animal handling and housing, managing stress and enrichment.


Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter Environment – Part 1

Part 1 of 2. This webinar is a must-watch overview for any shelter caring for birds. Dr. Anthony Pilny covers the basics for short-term care in a shelter environment, including intake protocols, signs of disease and illness, quarantine requirements and supportive care.


Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the key components of sustainability for a sanctuary and for any non-profit organization. But each sanctuary is unique, and your planning should take into account the structure and needs of your organization. In this webinar, we will discuss considerations for both short-term and long-term succession planning, what the GFAS standards require, and what roles your Board and staff play in drawing up and putting your plans in place.


Employment Law 101 for Nonprofit Animal Sanctuaries

Operating a non-profit animal sanctuary is no easy feat. From rescuing, providing 24/7 care for, and finding loving homes for the sanctuary animal residents, to fundraising to cover the expenses associated with operating a sanctuary consume much of the sanctuary operator’s time, compliance with federal and state employment laws is an important, but often forgotten element to creating a sustainable sanctuary and limiting potential liability. This seminar will focus on the basic employment law requirements that start-up or smaller sanctuaries…

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