Building a Donation Driven Website

In this webinar, Dave Graham with Sanctuary Websites will delve into the essential aspects of building a donation-driven website for animal sanctuaries. We will discuss why sanctuaries benefit from donation-driven websites and how these platforms can be a game-changer for sustainable support.

Understanding the ‘why’ sets the foundation for the subsequent discussion on ‘what’ should be included in such a platform. We’ll explore key features, content, and strategies that maximize engagement and drive donations.

Additionally, we will guide you on ‘how’ to create a compelling donation-driven website, providing actionable steps and insights. Central to our discussion is an exploration of what truly defines a ‘donation-driven website’ and how it distinguishes itself from a typical web presence.

Lastly, we’ll engage in Q&A and if time allows review submitted GFAS certified organizations, offering constructive feedback to help optimize their web presence to boost donations.

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