Equine Acquisition

Acquisition, Disposition and Research

Equine Acquisition

An in-depth look at legal and ethical acquisitions of equines at rescue and sanctuary facilities. This webinar also outlines some successful safety net programs which keep equines from entering the purchase cycle, and help rescues and sanctuaries to avoid the “feed lot frenzy”.

Estate Planning for Captive Birds

Adopting out animals with long lifespans comes with some important legal considerations for both the organization and the adoptive caregiver. Our roundtable expert answers questions about contingency plans and their place in guaranteeing lifetime care for any long-lived species.

Perspectives on Captive Exotic Bird Placement

Get two unique viewpoints from Lorelei Tibbetts and Karen Windsor on what it takes to find qualified homes for exotic birds. Gain insight into the considerations and approaches for making exotic bird placement successful.

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