Sample Succession Plan

Governance and Finance

Sample Succession Plan

Required Document for Accreditation: Template succession plan for the position of sanctuary Executive Director including an emergency plan outlining who will carry out key responsibilities in the event of a sudden and unexpected absence by the Director or other key management in both short- and long-term scenarios.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Required Document for Accreditation and Verification: Sample Standard Operating Procedures Manual containing a detailed outline of all daily procedures and policies relating to animal (including veterinary) care and safety; geared toward facilities caring for equines. Thanks to GFAS Accredited Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue for sharing this sample.

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Financial Plan Only

Required Document for Accreditation: As a part of the GFAS process, sanctuaries are required to prepare and submit a long-term financial plan (in writing) that projects future revenue and expenses, consistent with priorities set out in a sanctuary’s strategic plan.

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Sample Bylaws

Required Document for Accreditation: Sample Bylaws of a hypothetical nonprofit. This template gives a general idea of the kinds of topics that are typically covered in nonprofit bylaws, subject to whatever your state’s laws might call for by way of details. Thanks to Animal Defense Partnership for preparing this sample.

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