July 2020

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Disburses Emergency Grants to Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Amid COVID Crisis

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is proud to announce the disbursement of over $120,000 in grant funding for GFAS accredited wildlife sanctuaries, rescues and rehabilitation centers, to help cover shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Emergency relief funding for non-U.S. wildlife centers was generously provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and awarded by GFAS to assist sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers with costs relating to needed medications, supplies, and veterinary services for resident animals. GFAS was also grateful to be a part of an Emergency COVID Wildlife Grants Committee, for the purpose of providing direct financial support to sanctuaries, rescues, and rehabilitation centers located within the United States.  This Committee was comprised of longtime GFAS partners including The Humane Society of the United States, The Summerlee Foundation, Tigers in America, and the Pegasus Foundation.  GFAS is extremely appreciative of the generosity and response of our collaborators during this time of great need, all for the benefit of the animals.

Read the full press release here.

Photo Contest to Celebrate International Tiger Day

Tigers in America and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries are pleased to announce a photo and video contest to celebrate International Tiger Day, July 29, 2020.

The contest provides a platform for visual storytellers to highlight the plight of tigers living in captivity in the United States and promote the rescue of tigers to the protected safety of a true sanctuary.  The contest, which aims to identify the best photo or video of a tiger in the U.S., based on overall beauty, power, photographic skill, creativity, and how well it represents the tiger, is open to all entrants with special consideration given to entries from college students enrolled in “tiger mascot schools”.

The contest runs until July 24, 2020, with winners announced on July 29, 2020.  Prizes include $1,000 for the winning submission and $100 each for 10 runners-up.  Winning submissions will also be posted on the Tigers in America and GFAS websites and social media.

For more information on the contest, including instructions on how to apply and an entry form, please click here.

Exciting Developments for Avian Wildlife

The Parrot Conservation Alliance, founded by the leadership of American Bird Conservancy and former GFAS Executive Director, Patty Finch Dewey, has mobilized an invited group of parrot rescues, sanctuaries and conservation organizations to advance conservation of parrots in the wild. “Parrots in the wild are in grave danger, and they need our best efforts immediately,” said Patty Finch Dewey. “The Parrot Conservation Alliance will not only help sanctuaries and rescues collaborate as they address the root causes of the overwhelming crisis of unwanted non-releasable parrots (former pets), and provide needed sanctuary, but also enable these organizations as never before to come together to support key conservation efforts for wild parrots.”

This hard-working group has already held its first conference with 30 organizations joining from the United States and Latin America, coordinated the submission of formal comments from 22 organizations to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service opposing a request to import 4,000 Gray Parrots from South Africa, brought together American Bird Conservancy and One Earth Conservation to count wild populations of the Endangered Sun Parakeet in Brazil, and coordinated the placement of 22 parrots in sanctuaries across the United States.

Congratulations Parrot Conservation Alliance!

The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) has prevailed in a decades long fight to protect birds. A lawsuit brought by AAVS and the Avian Welfare Coalition, claimed the USDA’s failure to provide coverage for birds nationwide has led to needless suffering in commercial industries covered by the Animal Welfare Act, particularly in exhibition, breeding, and the pet trade. “AAVS has been working to gain protections for birds since 2000, when USDA first agreed to draft regulations. We were determined that they would not walk away from that commitment,” said Sue Leary, President of AAVS. The court order now forces USDA to finally complete the rulemaking process they started 16 years ago.

Congratulations to Sue Leary, President, AAVS & GFAS Board Member!


Fostering Hope An Interview with Founder & Executive Director Karen Windsor of Foster Parrots
(GFAS Accredited since 2009)

By Jessica Harris, GFAS Program Volunteer
(dialogue has been lightly edited for clarity)

“Providing place, peace and protection for captive parrots” for over 30 years, Foster Parrots is as awe-inspiring as the birds it rescues. As one of the first established parrot rescues in the country and GFAS Accredited since 2009, they have a lot of experience under their wings. Currently housing nearly 400 permanent residents, including parrots, iguanas, aquatic turtles, and even Patagonian Cavies, the organization has evolved from a burgeoning hobby to a 25,000 square foot sanctuary. Located in a renovated chicken factory farm in rural Rhode Island, it seems the sanctuary provides redemption for much of bird-kind. Intrigued by their work, I reached out to Karen Windsor, Founder and Executive Director, to find out what it takes to effectively and compassionately rescue and house wild birds, even during a pandemic.

Read the full interview here.

A First Hoof Trim at Colorado’s Blue Rose Ranch!

Founders John and Cheryl Webb of GFAS Verified Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. in southeastern Colorado were excited to share the news! Rusty, one of the Spanish Mustangs transferred from a closed wild horse sanctuary in Chama, NM, with assistance from Animal Protection of New Mexico, had his first hoof trim. Although staff had worked hard to prepare Rusty, they were proud of the courage he demonstrated. A few days later, Rusty braved dental  care and vaccinations necessary steps in his new wellness program.

Blue Rose Ranch is a self-contained working horse ranch and farm on hundreds of acres that is dedicated to the care and rescue of at-risk horses. The rescue operates 100% “green” using wind and solar energy.

In response to COVID-19, Blue Rose Ranch has partnered with the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance establishing a hay bank for owners struggling to feed their horses due to economic hardship. For more information and to help support the incredible services provided by Blue Rose Ranch, please visit http://www.blueroseranch.org/.

To learn more about GFAS partner, Animal Protection of New Mexico, see https://apnm.org/.

New GFAS Accreditations

Over the past month, GFAS has Accredited two new organizations. Click here to learn more about Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary! Congratulations to Black Dawg! Click here to learn more about Heartwood Haven Animal Sanctuary. Congratulations to Heartwood Haven!

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