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Not all sanctuaries are created equal.

Many entities describe themselves as a wildlife or exotic animal “sanctuary” or “rescue,” but the quality of animal care and strength of the organization vary widely among them. Even facilities that provide good care for their animals may be at risk due to a lack of planning for long-term sustainability. For anyone invested in the welfare of captive animals – chimpanzees, tigers, horses, parrots to name a few – there is a need to determine where four donation dollars best serve the animals, who provides a model to follow and who can be turned to in times of crisis. YOU need to know this information.

For this reason, GFAS was founded in 2007 by a group of experts from leading animal protection and welfare organizations. GFAS’ primary mission is to promote sanctuary excellence through our internationally recognized accreditation program. As such, GFAS is on the ground with groups all over the world, and we want to give you the scoop on what we are up to and the inspiring work being done for captive exotic and domestic animals by accredited and verified sanctuaries, rescues and rehabilitation centers accredited by us.

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