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Note: Pins are near the sanctuary area, for security reasons they may not point to the exact sanctuary location.
Dilley, TX

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary

Our mission is to provide nonhuman primates as high a quality of life as we can. The sanctuary recognizes the importance of social companionship, group living, space and an enriching environment to meet as best we can the physiological, social, behavioral, and psychological needs of our residents. The focus of animal care at the sanctuary is to provide conditions in... Read more...
Wauchula, FL

Center for Orangutan & Chimpanzee Conservation, Inc. (dba: Center for Great Apes)

The Center for Great Apes’ mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, from biomedical research, and from the exotic pet trade. For nearly 25 years, the Center for Great Apes has provided compassionate care with dignity in a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for 60 great... Read more...
Faranah, Guinea

Centre pour Conservation des Chimpanzees

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) is a unique chimpanzee sanctuary and rehabilitation project in Guinea, West Africa. We are located in the Haut-Niger National Park, and our rescued chimpanzees are orphans who have been captured to be sold as pets after their mother is killed for bushmeat. We rehabilitate and care for these orphaned individuals, with the ultimate goal of... Read more...
Canas-Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Centro de Rescate Las Pumas

Keithville, LA

Chimp Haven

Chimp Haven's mission is to provide and promote the best care of sanctuary chimpanzees and inspire action for the species worldwide. Our vision is a world where all chimpanzees thrive. As The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary, we are the only sanctuary designated to take in more than 300 federally-owned chimps from three U.S. labs. Currently, we have more than 200 chimpanzees... Read more...
Cle Elum, WA

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest (CSNW) provides lifetime care for chimpanzees rescued from the biomedical research and entertainment industries. The sanctuary, located on over 100 acres in rural Washington, is currently home to sixteen chimpanzees with plans for expansion. We also care for a small number of bovines! Follow our daily blog to really get to know each of our residents: Read more...
Murchison, TX

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas. The ranch was founded in 1979 by author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. With over 1,400 acres, it is home to almost 1,000 domestic and exotic animals, many of whom have been rescued from near-death situations such as slaughterhouses, biomedical research laboratories and trophy hunting ranches.... Read more...
Carignan, QC

Fauna Foundation

A sanctuary for chimpanzees, monkeys, and farm animals with past lives in biomedical research, zoos, and other situations. Our mission includes sanctuary, education, and conservation. Read more...
Central Africa, Gabon

Fernan Vaz

Because gorillas are becoming extinct and because many fall victim to poaching, the Fernan-vaz Gorilla Project initiated a sanctuary in 2001. The aim was to provide long-term care for gorillas previously victims of the bushmeat trade and not able to return to the wild. In 2006, the FVGP initiated a rehabilitation centre with the goal of favoring and maintaining the... Read more...
Berkshire, United Kingdom

Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary

Primates in distress are rescued, re-homed and rehabilitated. With care, patience and kindness, we try to help them recover from the psychological and physical trauma they have suffered. Some have endured terrible situations, having been deprived of their basic needs, leaving them needing round the clock attention. To rescue these beautiful creatures and nurse them back to physical and mental... Read more...
Lilongwe, Malawi

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Currently the only accredited wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is home to almost 200 injured or rescued wild animals including carnivores, primates, birds, reptiles and antelope. It is also the country’s largest environmental education facility, welcoming over 30,000 visitors a year, and protects an important urban wildlife reserve. Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a project of Lilongwe Wildlife Trust,... Read more...
Kavumu, Congo, Democratic Republic of

Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center

Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center (LPRC) was created in 2003 to provide a safe place for orphans victims of bushmeat and pet trade. Strategically situated only 4 km away from Kahuzi-Biega National Parc (KBNP) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, makes Lwiro the ideal location for chimpanzee rehabilitation and local conservation education and outreach. LPRC provides critical contributions to conservation: providing... Read more...
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