Donation Jar FAQ

Donation Jar FAQ

General FAQ

How does it work?

GFAS is excited to offer this new opportunity for the public to donate to one or many GFAS Accredited and Verified sanctuaries all in one easy transaction. It’s easy! Just “Find a Sanctuary.” On each sanctuary’s profile page, there is an “Add to Donation Jar” button that lets donors choose a gift amount. Each donation will enter into the Donation Jar. After choosing one or many gift options, donors can check out in one easy transaction.

All donations made with the Donation Jar are tax-deductible and non-refundable. Donors will receive a receipt for their gift. The nonprofit will receive contact information for each donor unless the donor elects to remain anonymous.

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, will re-distribute all funds raised to the sanctuaries selected by the donors.

Which sanctuaries can participate?

All GFAS accredited and Verified sanctuaries are invited to benefit from the Donation Jar.

Does GFAS keep any percentage of the donations?

One hundred percent of your Donation Jar gift is receipted and re-distributed to your chosen sanctuary. GFAS will only retain service charges to cover credit card fees (typically 2.9% + 30¢) unless covered by the donor during donation check out. However, there is an opportunity to include a donation to GFAS during check out.

When will the sanctuary receive the donation?

GFAS will disburse monies on the 10th day of the month (or the next weekday) following receipt of the donation.

How will the sanctuary know who has donated to it?

Sanctuaries will be sent details of the donation within three days or less. They will receive the amount of the donation and the name and contact information of the donor.

FAQ for Donors

What methods of payment can I use to donate?

Currently, you can use PayPal, credit card or send a check (offline donation) directly to GFAS to be distributed.

Can my donation be refunded?

Donations are not refundable, but if you have made a donation in error please contact us.

How will I get a receipt for my donation?

A receipt will be generated automatically and delivered to you via email. The sanctuaries may choose to reach out to thank you separately once they receive your contact information.

FAQ for Sanctuaries

How will I receive my donation?

GFAS will send a check to all facilities in North America. If your facility doesn’t accept checks from banking accounts in the United States, we will accommodate other methods of transfer to reduce fees such as PayPal or wire transfer.

How do I find out if I have received a donation?

GFAS will send an email with the information to you in three business days or less.

GFAS can modify any restrictions or conditions if, in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community. As such, GFAS reserves the right to deny or condition the distribution of donations if, in the judgment of its Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes necessary.

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