Certification Documents

Certification Documents

This is a checklist of the documents requested as part of the application process. To submit these documents, we ask you to upload them to an online storage site that has been set up so that only you and GFAS can access your particular folder (a link to your folder and instructions will be emailed to you).

If you have any questions or are unable to upload your documents, please contact Robin at .

Download checklist here.

Documents GFAS  Standard Samples Examples
Required for all:
 Proof of non-profit or noncommercial status G-1
 Proof of ownership, MOU or leasing agreement G-2  Lease
 Current licenses and permits, if required by law G-6
Required for Accreditation:
 Lease Contingency plan, if property is not owned by sanctuary or its governing organization G-2
 Succession plan and job descriptions for key personnel G-3
 List of Board of Directors/Trustees members with occupation and number of years on Board G-4
 By-Laws and amendments G-4 By-laws 1; By-laws 2
 Sample of Board meeting dates for the previous or current year G-4
 One set of Board minutes G-4
 Grievance procedure G-5
 Conflict of interest policy G-5
 Code of conduct/ethics G-5
 Strategic plan G-7
Financial and Risk Management
Required for all:
 Most recent tax document filed to maintain non-profit status (for example, the IRS Form 990 in the United States F-2
 Most recent annual operating budget F-1, F-3
 Proof of checking account (such as a voided check F-4
 Repayment schedules for any personal loans to the sanctuary F-4
 Declarations Page from Liability Insurance
Required for Accreditation:
 Proof of amount of financial reserve F-1
 Long-term financial projections F-1
 Most recent Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, and Statement of Cash Flows F-2
 Declarations Page from Management Liability (or “Directors and Officers” Insurance
Safety and Security
Required for all:
 Labeled map of layout of main facility
 Disaster preparedness/emergency plan S-8
 Escaped animal protocol S-9
 Complete firearm policies, unless not applicable S-11
 First aid plan S-14
Required for all:
 Adoption policies/requirements unless N/A
 Foster policies/requirements unless N/A
Required for Accreditation:
 Acquisition policy P-1
 Disposition policy P-4, P-5

All documents are kept confidential, with the exception of those that are publicly available, those documents that you have given us express prior permission to share or as previously noted. GFAS reserves the right to request additional documentation if needed.

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