Beta Tester Survey

Beta Tester Survey

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the beta testing of GFAS’ newest program offering, Certificate of Achievement Program (CAP). CAP is a series of three online training courses designed to provide insight into the GFAS Standards of Care and to support the implementation of new policies and protocols to advance care and safety practices. we hope will offer sanctuaries and rescue centers a pathway to higher standards of care and safety, as well as an opportunity to receive recognition for their work.

The material offered in the beta test is restricted to lessons on zoonotic disease and quarantine. This is a subset of the CAP Health Care Course. Therefore, please be aware that some of the user experience/navigation will be modified when offered as a full course.

This survey is designed to provide us with critical information to ensure the program is meeting the needs of sanctuary participants. We are asking you, an important partner, and others with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to provide us with feedback on various aspects of CAP.

We would encourage you to participate in both lessons in order, but we understand that you have limited time. Therefore, please feel free to choose just one lesson and participate in that relevant section of the survey. You may save the survey and come back to it.

Each lesson will take less than one hour to watch in full. However, there is also an assignment which we encourage you to review, as suitable to your experience and position.

Once again – thank you for your feedback! If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact our Education Coordinator, Robin Mason.

CAP Beta Tester Survey

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